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Dulux Automotive provides a range of tools and systems to give Fleet Owners, Body Shops and Automotive Paint Distributors the ability to identify and inspire colour choice for passenger and commercial vehicles. Our comprehensive colour databases has colours matched and formulated for both passenger vehicle and commercial vehicles including current passenger vehicle colours, commercial OEM, RAL, and Australian standards, as well as a extensive range of historical vehicle colours.

The Dulux Automotive custom colour service provides you with the exact colour you are looking for, whether for custom colour for your fleets, repair, restoration or specific standards. Our local colour team will match or create a colour to meet your needs and provide a set of colour standards on request for our customers.

Nippon Paint partner is our leap forward in digital colour identification providing spectro capability with search and correct functionality.

We can also provide our customers physical colour tools designed to to inspire colour choice. Visit our colour tools page to explore the range of colour tools we have available.

The most recent colour database updates can be downloaded for Dulux Automotive and Nippon Automotive paint systems by visiting the colour databases page.

Use the contact form below or call our advice line to find out more about our colour matching service and capabilities and for any other colour enquiries, including technical help on software.

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