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Your trusted guide to automotive refinishing.

Dulux Auto Refinish Coatings

Your Trusted Guide to Auto Refinishing


Who are we

Dulux® Automotive Coatings have been supplying refinish products into the passenger, commercial vehicle and light industrial markets for over 50 years. Dulux Automotive Coatings part of the wider Dulux Group offers proven high quality auto refinish coatings, and expert local help and advice which gives our customers confidence they can reliably protect and transform assets, and therefore grow their professional reputation and success.

Dulux now utilises the power of our parent company Nippon Paint automotive coatings technologies and combines this with local technologies and services to provide a competitive portfolio to the automotive refinish industry.

With both Dulux and Nippon products together in the same portfolio, Dulux Auto Refinish Coatings provides products, product systems, service and support that deliver fantastic project outcomes, exactly as intended, right first-time, every time.


Our strengths

Our superior product chemistry, unparalleled advice, expertise, reliability and our commitment to exceptional service ensures every coating project you undertake is done right first time. Transforming not only the surfaces of your project but also your business reputation.

Nippon brings global R&D and automotive coating technology, while Dulux, one of the most recognised brands in Australia, brings a commitment to excellence in colour and a deep understanding of the Australian marketplace plus a service commitment to the industry that is second to none.

The Dulux team specialists act with integrity, they listen and they are always committed to their longstanding partnerships in the industry.


Our Products 

Dulux Automotive Coatings offers a proven range of quality products for all passenger and commercial vehicles formulated using the most highly advanced chemistry and science to transform the surfaces of any vehicle. The different brands from Dulux and Nippon Paint are individually designed for specific auto industry purposes.


Why Choose Dulux

Your trusted guide to automotive refinishing. Ensuring every job is a success, protecting and building your professional reputation.

Dulux Automotive Coatings offers automotive refinish distributors, body shops and asset owners across Australia and New Zealand an extensive range of auto refinish coatings with proven performance and designed using the most advanced chemistry, science and technology, in a range of colours, gloss levels and finishes that reliably protect, rejuvenate and beautify every surface of your job. Backed by the most trusted expert advice and support in the industry and an extensive network of dependable and reliable distributors to give you confidence every job will be a success for you and your customers.

Worth Doing, Worth Dulux®

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Dulux Automotive Coatings also supplies Nippon Automotive products.

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